Legal Ways to Repair My Bad Credit

Some people believe that it is not legal to repair their credit rating. This is just not the case and the opposite is actually true. Improving your credit rating is possible due to the laws on the books that govern how the credit bureaus must handle credit files.

You are allowed to dispute information on your credit report and the bureaus have a process they must follow when handling your disputes. If the proper steps are not followed they must delete the disputed account within a certain amount of time.

The key to legally repairing your credit file is to understand these laws and to make sure the bureaus follow the laws as well. There are a lot of credit repair companies that charge a monthly fee to handle the process for you, they will send the dispute letters to the bureaus on your behalf.

The other option is to do it yourself with a credit repair kit, it would consist of all the prewritten letters you would need to send to the bureaus and show you step-by-step what you need to do when dealing with credit bureaus as well as collection agencies.

These are the legal ways to repair your credit rating, you want to also beware of scams claiming they can give you a "new credit file". This is an illegal scam some people try to sell online. These methods do not work but can also get you into a lot of legal troubles as well so make sure you do not fall for them!

Source by Tony Banks

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