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Finding a company that is legitimately offering an annual credit report can be sometimes overwhelming. With the number of companies and websites offering a free credit report statement, how will one know whether they're legitimate, and how can one distinguish a scam website?

You have to be careful about choosing a company offering credit report statements. Just for the benefit of the doubt, there are various "phishing companies" out there that "claim" they do offer an annual credit report, yet, what they only do is gather your information and mislead you by asking your personal details.

These Companies Are The Ones That You Should Beware Of:

Companies and websites "claiming" that they offer an annual free credit report will just use your personal information and sell them to third party websites. Furthermore, what would they do with it? Of course, they will sell. Once that someone has got hold of your personal information, you would be soon become a victim of identity theft.

This is where the big problem comes in. Most often, these companies would suddenly stop operating when the time comes that they have reached numerous amounts of personal contact information and sell it to third parties to use it for identity theft. This is something that the government has been trying to avoid – but, as of today, no matter how strict the government agencies are, there are still some smart guys that trick various people and be their nth identity theft victim.

Please do not be easily tricked, and it is your responsibility to choose wisely. Finding a legitimate company offering free credit report statements can be easily done by simply doing your researching and by taking your time. Patience is an important characteristic at this point in time – do not be easily bored, and do not simply give in to some flowering words that these scam sites may be offering to you.

It is best if you verify the name of the company first from your local government, and check to see if that company really exists. If you have seen some fraud reports regarding the company, immediately remove them from your list, and proceed with your search until you have found a genuine website.

Remember, do not be tricked and fooled – you have to think twice, and make a wise decision before you even decide to give your personal details to other companies. Make sure that you fully trust that company offering annual financial reports.

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