Letters of Credit – Improve Your Credit Score

All of you know how important it is to have a good credit score. However, some of you may have bad credit which definitely you would want to repair. Letters of credit help you repair bad credit that you have. Since you know credit score is very important when lenders lend money, you do need to maintain a good credit record. With the letters of credit you can remove the incorrect entries that are made on your credit report.

There are several forms of letters of credit and the most popular ones include:

o Letters of dispute to the credit bureau
o Debt validation letters
o Letter for removal of hard inquiries
o Pay for delete letter

Letters of credit may be sent to a creditor in order to eliminate a felonious account from your report. There are certain accounts that cannot be removed even with letters of credit. In other cases there are provisions by which you can remove the delinquent account. This way you can improve your credit score. There are again letters of credit that can express disagreement for any incorrect entries on your credit report. The bureau is required to make an investigation within 30 days with the creditor. Having done this they can then send you updated reports if any changes have been made. Nevertheless, the bureau is still supposed to let you know if there has been any change or not.

If you are in doubt about a certain debt you owe, you can seek debt validation. According to the Fair debt Collection Practices Act you can seek debt validation to find out if the debt claimed by a certain creditor is valid or not. If you seek debt validation the creditor cannot pursue his claim and if the creditor cannot validate the debt, it must be removed from your credit report.

If you apply for a new loan, your creditor may make a hard inquiry using your credit score which reduces your credit score. However, you have the provision of sending a letter to your creditor to remove the hard inquiry which most creditors do on request. So if you need use the letters of credit in order to improve your credit score since it is a very important factor in deciding whether you will be eligible for your next loan.

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