LifeLock Service Review – Can LifeLock Really Help My Business?

In the past year alone, employers just like you and their vendors lost over 30 million employee names and Social Security numbers to identity thieves. It then takes more than 170 hours over a two-year period for each and every individual employee to recover and repair problems related to their identity theft and they usually do it during working hours. In addition, the subsequent exposure in the media and among customers and vendors can also cause great harm to a company's reputation.

There is a new company out there that says it can help you relax and know that your company confidential data is safe. It is called LifeLock. Their service comes with a million dollar guarantee. If you ever have a problem, they promise to fix it so that you and your workforce don't skip a beat.

In fact, LifeLock has become the leading provider in the field of Identity Theft Prevention. The company is led by experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts. They serve tens of thousands of consumers all over the United States, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. They help ensure that your employees, customers, members, readers, and other associates remain focused on the business at hand, not on fixing their identity issues.

They are so very confident in their services that their CEO regularly publishes his real Social Security number and he's perfectly comfortable with it. Why? Because he knows that they have guaranteed his good name.

Unlike reactive credit monitoring services, the LifeLock system is a proactive system. They lock down your company's data and credit information before a thief can even get to it. They proactively keep your associates' identities safe and you and your organization look like the heroes.

The only downfall to the system is the cost. Some companies think that they cannot afford the system.
However, your company must decide the risks and the benefits, because one incident alone could cost thousands in employee lost time, reputation and legal issues. Just ask anyone who has been through it. It is not a pleasant experience.

It appears that LifeLock could help most businesses. They will do what they do best and keep your data locked safe and your reputation intact or you have a million dollar guarantee that they will fix it.

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