Low FICO Score Mortgage Loan Approvals

With the tightening of underwriting guidelines many borrowers are getting turned down because their FICO scores are not high enough to meet the threshold requirements to be underwritten. Foreclosures are at an all time high and every week it seems the tightening is getting worse. Those with low FICO scores are often left out in the cold.

Lenders are using FICO scores to grade applicants to determine credit risk. A borrower may have a more delinquencies or collections or items on their public record that will reduce their score below many lender's threshold FICO scores. Other factors that may reduce FICO scores can be the proportion of balances to limits on revolving or installment accounts. Some borrowers think that they can raise their scores by closing accounts. Many times this will lower their credit score. A borrower that has more than one name reporting on their credit may see a score hit. The same holds true with multiple addresses.

Some threshold scores are being raised with many lenders for underwriting purposes and as a result more borrowers are being turned down.

The key to getting the borrower approved is having programs where the threshold score is lower. Once that happens, the mortgage originator can at least look at the file and start verifying information and building a case for approval. Sometimes it's a lot of work but many items can be explained to the underwriters if the borrower's FICO score meets the minimum threshold level. This will work the same whether the borrower is trying to get refinanced or purchase a home.

Source by Bill Burress

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