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Are you tired of the total unpredictability of your electric bill? Is sticking to a fixed budget for electricity simply impossible for you? If you have answered yes, then prepaid electricity is the best option for you. With prepaid energy, predicting and controlling your power expenditure becomes very easy. Prepaid energy programs are quickly gaining popularity across the world today because they allow customers to control the amount of power they purchase, the timing of its purchase and also its use.

Prepaid electricity was conceptualized to help customers manage their electrical consumption effectively. So how does it work? Prepaid electricity obviously is electricity that is paid for in advance. Think of it like filling your car with gas. When your gas tank gets close to empty, you refuel. You do the same with your electricity account. When you use up the electricity you paid for, you simply add money to your account. This type of electric service requires a Smart Meter to be installed at your home first. With Smart Meter technologies, your power can be connected in hours – not days. This new technology provides access to your energy consumption daily, rather than once a month.

Advance payment plans allow customers to tightly control the amount of money they are spending on electricity each month. There are usually no deposits, credit checks and contracts involved for prepaid electric service so it is beneficial for people having a low credit score. Prepaid electric service provides you with total control on your electricity expenditure. Over time, a customer learns what the cost of energy is for each task they perform and how they can save electricity. Thus, prepaid electricity also helps save energy as the customer is now aware of their exact power usage.

There are numerous benefits of prepaid energy. A customer has the power to choose the service that is right for them and their service provider. They will know exactly how much energy they are getting and at what price since they purchased the power at a price they can afford. This makes it very easy to budget their power expenses. Also, prepaid programs let consumers know when their energy credit is running low and alert the customer via text message, email or phone notification.

Studies have shown that users of pre-payment plans spend less on electric service over time when compared to the traditional service programs. With the prepaid system, the customer is in control of their electricity expenditure.

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