Procrastination – Why Most People End Up With a Poor Credit Rating

If ever there's one habit that most people could do away with regarding their credit file, it is the need to curb procrastination. Many of us put off writing that dispute letter or sending it until tomorrow which will always come only to postpone it again. We tell ourselves that we need to start fixing the negative information on our files but only to find that we keep failing on our own words over and over again.

You see, there's no magic or secret to it. If there's any clue to resolving problems on your file, it is an open secret and what you need to do is to START NOW! Get a recent copy of your three-in-one report from Experian, Transunion, and Equifax. Spend some time with your files to learn what the bureaus have entered into them, look out for negative information and decide which repair method you want to use in fixing them.

Be sure that you have enough resources for the repair method you want to use and once you've decided which one you can dedicate the most resources to, begin immediately and do not ponder unnecessarily.

Concentrate on the most recent accounts because they carry more weight than the old ones. Also, another type of account you want to give focus to are the ones considered most dangerous even though they may not necessarily be recent – such as bankruptcies, foreclosures, and repossessions.

You may want to know that every bureau you write a dispute letter to has a 30-day grace period to investigate your complaint and failure on their part to complete this means that they have no basis for recording it on your file and therefore, must delete it. Be sure you do not sleep on this kind of opportunity by procrastination.

The DIY or the credit repair agency methods are two of the ways by which you can increase your score or improve your rating. Do not wait until tomorrow.

Source by Tony Banks

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