Raise Credit Scores – Two Ways to Raise Credit After Financial Difficulties

To raise credit after financial difficulties can seem like scaling a mountain. Where do I start? What do I do? Worst of all, what do I do when they surely say no to my requests? After all that's all we usually hear about credit companies and collection agencies. I went through this a year and a half ago. The financial crisis got me took me in its path of destruction. I'm still working my way out of it, here a little of what's helped me.

I had to learn about credit. Plain and simple, I wasn't going to accomplish anything with my current set of skills on credit. Swipe it! That was credit to me. To raise my credit scores I was going to have to know much more than that. My first step was to look online for good information, as you probably are doing right now.

Second, I put those techniques into use. Just put the insecurity aside and do it. What I did to start taking some of the collections off my report was to look for violations. Those manuals came in handy. I didn't know collections companies had so many holes to take advantage of. Many times they just violate your rights. Re-aging is pretty common. That was the first thing I looked for and I found one that was re-aging a debt, cheating me out of four months of my credit history. This one helps you raise your credit score because it's a violation to start the clock over on a derogatory account. When this violation happens you can have the account completely removed.

Another thing I learned was that in some cases you're going to have to pay something towards some debt. No where did it say you skip on your debt. We'll not all of it. What you end up doing on some accounts is settling for less than what's owed. I was able to clear an account with a deletion letter for 30% of what I owed. In my case it was just 350 for an account that was in the 1,100 range. I gladly paid it in exchange of a deletion letter. That's why I did it. If I would have just paid it, it would show paid paid but still reflect on the report. I needed it gone not reporting paid. There's a huge distinction there don't forget that.

To raise credit score you'll find many different tips and tactics, honestly they're all useless until you put them into practice. With just a few hours per month you can get your credit score going up. Get started, keep at it and learn the different ways to dispute. There isn't just one way to do it.

Source by Rene C. Alexander

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