Remove Collections From Credit Report

To get collections removed from a credit report there is a process to follow. There is also a big misconception out there that you can get collections removed that you owe. Yes you can get collections removed but there is seasoning requirement in order to get them removed. In this article we will discuss what can and can't be removed from your credit report.

Get a copy of your credit report with credit scores

If you want get collections removed you obviously need to know what is being reported on your free credit score report. You also need to make sure you pull a 3-1 credit report with all 3 of your credit scores. Once you have done this then you can determine what you need to start disputing. I see a common problem all the time, and that problem is people disputing information they owe. That does absolutely no good unless the original collection date has expired per the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Here is list of when certain collections will expire and are to be removed from your credit report by law.

Derogatory expirations guidelines:

* Chapter 7 – 10yrs

* Chapter 13 – 7 yrs

* Tax Lien – Until paid off

* Child support – Until paid off

* Collections – 7yrs

* Chare Offs – 7 yrs

* Late payments – 7yrs

* Inquires – 24 months

* Foreclosure – 7 yrs

* Repossession – 7 yrs

* Judgments – 7yrs

* Expirations date starts ticking from the original collection date.

Dispute expired items on credit report

Once you have reviewed what derogatory information on your credit report is inaccurate, make sure you highlight those items on your report. Determine which collections, late payments, charge off, etc ….. are set to expire or have already expired. Now you can start the on-line disputing process. I am personally a fan of disputing on-line for the simple fact that it is faster and easier. The credit bureaus will be able to verify the original collection date after you dispute. If the bureau finds you are correct they will remove the derogatory remark. This will start increasing your credit scores. If the collection has not expired don't dispute it, you are wasting your time. The collection will not be removed unless the expiration date has expired. Folks it's really that simple. There is no quick way to get bad credit removed. Just remember if you are late on a obligation you can expect your credit score to drop around 150 points, and the negative mark will be on your credit report for 7 yrs. So with all of this being said, make sure you pay all your bills on-time.

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