Removing Negative Charge-Offs and Collection Accounts Using the Dispute Process

You can remove information that is not favorable from your credit report when you do not want it. Knowing that the law is on the consumer's side to dispute most of this information we carry about can be relieving. You can remove inquiries, charge-offs and collections from your report by disputing them which changes your very poor rating to a good rating by taking few steps you need to know by heart by now.

The first step from a poor rating to a good rating is knowing that you can dispute almost everything on your credit report. You have the right to request that the credit bureau verify the information you are disputing or they remove such negative item at once. If they cannot do that by 30-45 days, they are obligated under the law to delete such account from your report.

Once you get the credit bureaus to honor your disputes and make changes to your credit report, your credit report should receive a boost and increase in rating before long.

Another step for putting your poor rating credit score to a good rating credit score is lowering the amount you spend on your credit accounts. If you lower the amount you spend on your credit accounts and then pay down the debts you have on your credit card by 50%, you are jumping hurdles to obtaining a great credit score.

Learn to do-it-yourself by getting a restoration kit or let others do it for you effectively by hiring a credit repair agency.

Source by Tony Banks

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