Resolve Credit Issues Directly With the Company in 3 Steps

Many people when they receive their credit report always start to moan about their score. They start going through all the things they have done right and question why the score they have been given.

Now that's human nature and you can't help that but lets take a practical approach to resolve issues in your credit report. Lets be honest, nobody wants a low credit rating, if anything everyone should be aiming for a high credit rating. The benefits of having a good credit score are really endless and too much to list. If you are not already to trying to achieve a high credit score, well then you are already behind but there is hope for you!

One of the ways you can rectify a lot of matters on your credit report is by contact the credit firm in question directly.

Here is how you do it:

Step 1

Right a goodwill letter to the company under question and ask them to remove whatever matter it maybe as a first time courtesy.

Step 2

Follow up by going to the branch or contacting the manager to ask them what came about of the letter you sent (give at least 5 business days).

Step 3

Once the issue the one time courtesy (which happens almost every time) make a copy of the letter issued by the credit firm and send it over to all 3 credit reporting agencies.

That's it! The points that were taken away before will be reinstated right away. Its really as easy as that only if you simplify things.

You should go right ahead and implement this method for multiple items so you see even a bigger increase in your credit score.

Source by Bob Halton

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