Scare Tactics – How to Get a Better Credit Card Deal

No matter how much money you earn, how big the house you live in, how fast the car you drive – you always want more. Our demands do not coincide with our budgets most of the time. And that is quite normal. It's in human nature to crave for a better life.

Well, sometimes you can make your dreams come true. Sometimes it's just beyond your powers. If you decided to change your financial standing to the best, start with a very simple thing. You can negotiate a better credit card deal for you. Even if those that you have seem quite suitable and profitable to you, wouldn't it be great to save money on fees and interest rates?

There are 2 basic tactics to negotiate better terms for your credit card. The fist one is trying to ask your credit card issuer to lower your interest, extend your credit line, etc. You just call up your bank, talk to one of the account managers, explain your situation, and beg them to grant your wish. But a) this, probably, will not affect your credit card terms; b) this is humiliating.

The other method of getting the desired conditions from your creditor is more effective.
Threatening. Sounds aggressive and criminal? Nothing of the kind, it's just a foxy trick that will help you in not an easy matter of negotiating a better credit card deal.

All you need to do using this strategy is threaten your credit card issuer to cancel your account. Of course, you clearly realize that you are by no means going to do that, as it might damage your credit score. But this way of "blackmailing" might be very helpful in your attempts to get better card terms.

Why does threatening work without a hitch almost in 100% cases? The answer is on the surface. Credit card issuers treasure their every consumer. It costs a credit card company about $ 200 to get new customers. So, it's quite obvious that creditors are deeply interested in keeping you as their credit card holder.

So, if you are not in 2 minds about which negotiation tactic to choose, and the second version seems to be the only possible one for you, here are some tips on how to improve your credit card's terms.

Easy Steps to Your Dream Credit Card

Find some precise information about the cards with lower rates or with no annual fee. Contact your credit card company and inform them that you are considering cancelling your account as you have found a more beneficial offer. Refer to that very bank and card with the terms you want. Ask them to lower your rates down to the rates level of the cards you referred to or to reduce or even eliminate your annual fee.

Remind them your have good / excellent credit history and you have been a loyal and a reliable credit card holder for quite a long period of time. They should take it into account. If your credit rating is in good fix, tell your lenders you are overwhelmed with more profitable offers and many credit card companies want to have you as a customer.

Note, it will be just a waste of time if you try to lower rates or fees on rewards credit cards. That just won't work. If you need a better rewards credit card, you'd better search for a new offer. At, for example, you will find all types of rewards programs.

Remember, if you pay your monthly balance in full and on time, if you don't max out your credit and your credit history is stainless – you are the most wanted customer for any credit card issuer. Feel free to ask maximum benefits they can offer. Even if you don't get all you want, it's worth trying.

Be persistent but not too pushy. Threaten in a polite way. Bear in mind that they want you more than you do them. Anyway, don't be too hard on your issuer, but a bit of frightening will help you to outsmart them and get a card deal on your terms and conditions.

Source by Andrea Domini

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