Selling Comic Books on eBay – Avoiding Big Mistake # 5

There are 6 mistakes most comic buyers make when selling their comics on eBay. Here is …


I made a big mistakes a couple of years ago when trying to sell an Avenger # 2 comic book. The first time I listed my comic, I did not get the reserve bid price I wanted, so I did not sell my comic. I then got smart and signed up for Paypal and re-listed my comic and then sold it for more than my reserve price.

Take it from me, I learned my lesson.

To get top dollar for your comics, you want to have as many ways of accepting money for your comics as you can. Take checks. Take money orders. Take credit cards. And if, you do not already have one, go to and signup for a free PayPal account.

By creating an account you'll also be able to ACCEPT payments from other PayPal users. And this will allow you to take credit card payments for anything you sell! It does not take any special requirements to get setup with PayPal and it will allow you to also do business with people internationally as well.

Many comic sellers do not do this. They think this too much of a hassle. What they do not realize is that some folks will not bid if you do not take PayPal. And, this dramatically decrees the number of bidders for your comics that you'll get. Even if you do not plan on doing much selling you'll still need one for buying stuff on eBay – most eBay sellers only accept PayPal for payments.

If you want to increase your chances of getting the best price for your comics, sign up and take payments through PayPal.

Source by Alan LaMont

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