Should You Use an Annual Fee Credit Card?

Generally, the answer is no, but there are certain circumstances where they may be useful. If you have been working hard, then hopefully you have a lot of high score. If you do, then you will probably have a rating score of 750 or more points. If you do, never pay an annual fee for your cards ever again! You do not need these; you can find better low interest cards now!

Should you want to keep your annual fee, then why not try this neat little trick: Ring your credit card company up and tell them you want to cancel the card. If you have a good high credit and a healthy debt-to-credit ratio, then they will usually tell you they are going to pay your annual fee for you! What a bonus! See what a difference a good credit rating makes? You will need to think of ways to get a good credit rating for yourself if you are building it up from nothing. You can build your credit rating by having what is commonly known as a "high" credit limit. This is an unsecured debt in your name (for example, credit cards and store cards in particular). You need to look at your credit report and see how many credit cards you have and exactly how much credit is given on those cards. You may have two cards totaling $ 2,000 of credit limit-this makes you less attractive to a credit company than someone else that has two credit cards totaling $ 20,000.

Source by Jim Atman

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