Social Security Number Search – Find People Free Using Their Social Security Number

There are now compelling reasons why individuals and businesses need to find out information, especially by doing a social security number search!

These reasons can be for personal or for business purposes.

Possibly there is a need to do a background check on a potential employee, especially if you have suspicions as to their work record. Perhaps it’s a potential new tenant for either a commercial or residential property which you are looking at renting. The benefit of doing a social security number check is that it is very hard to “create” a history out of thin air and would require a reasonable amount of investment to do so. It’s highly unlikely that most people would even attempt to do so!

The reasons are quite simple! When Social Security numbers were first issued in 1936, usage of the numbers was limited to Social Security programs. Today, however, the Social Security number (SSN) is the most frequently used record keeping number in the United States. SSNs are used for employee files, medical records, health insurance accounts, credit and banking accounts, university ID cards, and many other purposes. So a social security number check is one of the most important preliminary checks used for identity clarification purposes!

OK – so if you’re an employer or a landlord and you want to find details about a potential tenant or employee via their SSN then the first search is relatively easy and is also free! You can do this by logging on to the United States social Security website on This will allow the verification of up to 10 social security numbers per day!

Right, that’s the easy part. If you are like many people sometimes there’s a ‘breakdown’ in the administration system and the record of social security numbers for each employee can get jumbled or perhaps you only have the SSN’s and no name to go with it then you will have a bit of a problem!

For reasons of confidentiality and very importantly the prevention of identity fraud online databases won’t be able to provide you with reverse search records capability. The main option that is open to you is the use of a private investigator or utilising an online private investigation service. Such online providers include and – it must be remembered that you are now entering into the realm of ‘paid searches’!

There is also the option of using a private investigative paid membership site such as The time frame for results varies from 1 day to 3 days depending whether you are a member or not. The benefit of using a paid membership site is that if the agency doesn’t come up with a positive result you get a full refund. However these agencies require that you do some information gathering but nothing too arduous. These searches range from $27 to $49.

Unfortunately in today’s world it is also sometimes important to check whether some SSNs are current. If you’re additionally suspicious about a social security number and are wondering if its ‘current’ there is a free website where you can additionally search the registration of SSNs of deceased persons. The reasoning here is quite simply – identity fraud can also be carried out by assuming the identity of a deceased person! In case you’re wondering the site address is

Well that covers most of the free social security number search sites and a sample of some of the paid sites.

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