The Art of Attraction – How to Use Cheesy Pickup Lines to Score

Cheesy pick up lines. They can be quite funny. They can even sometimes border on being offensive, but do they work? The answer is that they are situational. It is like chumming for sharks. If you throw enough out there you will get some good responses.

Years ago, when I was still lacking in confidence and unsure of how to approach women I was out at a park with a few friends. There was this attractive girl pushing around a stroller and baby. While she was waiting in line one of my more confident friends went up to her and said, "Hey mother, want another?" I was flabbergasted, appalled and even embarrassed to be his buddy. I was even more shocked when it worked. She laughed, he laughed and they started a conversation. He got her number and they went out for a while. To me, personally, that line was so horrible I would never use it myself, but hey, it worked. Most times that would have gotten him slapped or at least a rude return, but you never know until you try.

The secret is to be original with your cheese pickup lines. If the girl has ever heard it before it becomes almost worthless. The only response you are looking for is a laugh and a foot in the door to start a conversation. It is all about confidence. If you throw the line out and slink away or act like you are 100% serious, your chances dim. Here are a couple cheese pick up lines that she might not have heard.

you know what you remind me of? [what?] Lucky Charms, You want to know why? [why?] Because you're magically delicious!

You must be Jamaican, cause you Jamaican me crazy.

What do you like for breakfast?

You want me. I can smell it.

Fat penguin. [What?] I just wanted to say something to break the ice.

Source by Chase Tylerson

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