The Best Step by Step Road Map For Credit Repair

There is absolutely nothing magical about credit repair. This means that what ever the hustler on the phone or Internet says he can do for you for $ 1500, you can do for yourself in a few hours at the most.

Only a Liar Will Claim They Can Erase a Bankruptcy

Rule number one, is that no one can erase a bankruptcy from your credit report. Anyone that claims that they can is flat out lying! Your best bet if you have a bankruptcy on your report is to begin building as much positive credit as you can to counterbalance it. That's all.

Compare All Three Credit Reports

Get a hold of all three reports from the three major credit reporting agencies and compare them. It's not uncommon that they don't all match and that would be your first clue that there is a mistake. The next step would be to determine what it is and hopefully it's mistaken bad credit.

Seven Year Lifespan For Negative Credit

Negative credit information has a lifespan. It's seven years after the last action made on an account. Understand that? Seven years after your last payment on an account. Not seven years after they reported you!

Don't Blame the Credit Reporting Agency

Also understand that credit reporting agencies don't research and verify information that they receive. That would simply be an impossible task. So if some jerk that you dealt with in the past submitted false negative information to an agency, it is there right now on your report.

Learn How To Challenge Bad Credit

Challenging negative credit information is surprisingly easy now, so rest assured that you can do it yourself. Simply look it up online and read up on it. There is no free involved, so feel free to challenge any negative credit information that you find if you feel it is mistaken.

Source by George Agustus

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