There is a Right Credit Report and a Wrong Credit Report to Dispute From

Many people begin their quest to restore their credit after seeing a free report. Mortgage companies will give you a free report when you're trying to apply for a mortgage, or you may have pulled your free report from a website.

Mortgage company credit reports include a lot of codes and information that even loan officers don't understand. It is difficult to dispute from these reports because the comments that creditors leave are typically hidden within that code of numbers, and loan officers only know what a few of those codes mean.

Free reports are sponsored by any one of the bureaus and typically only include one report. Also, if a credit score is available, it is usually not the correct score that you need, and the title of the score is hidden. These bias reports also do not always post your most up to date information, and hidden negative accounts can pop up on your reports after you delete the negative items that do show.

FICO scores are credit scores that are tabulated by a third party company outside of the three bureaus called Fair, Isaac Corporation. They are located in California. FICO creates the widest used method of determining credit scores that any lender, funder or creditor will use to determine your credit worthiness.

So how do you know that you're purchasing the right credit scores? The best way to purchase the right scores is to go directly to the source. You can purchase all three credit reports with credit scores for less than fifty dollars by going to FICO's direct website.

Online credit reports appear on your computer instantly after your purchase, giving you access to your reports and scores right away. You can begin using this free e-book to write your dispute letters based on that information right away.

Source by Tamara Rasheed

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