TransUnion Dispute – How To

To remove an item on your credit report with TransUnion you must file a dispute. This is done through creating a letter yourself or hiring a credit repair service to do it on your behalf.

You should know that you must send this letter separately to each credit bureau. Failure to do this and you may remove an item from one report, however that item will still be shown on your other reports.

In your letter you need to include what item you are disputing and the reason it is inaccurate. Reasons include; item out of date, information is wrong, account paid, and more.

Upon receipt the bureau will conduct an investigation. They will contact the creditor and ask them to verify the account, the dates, and the balance.

If the creditor is unable to verify the account then the item must be erased from your report. Often an investigation will result in the removal of an item.

Should it be verified a service with lawyers on their staff can use advanced techniques to remove it. These techniques include; debt validation, escalated dispute information requests, and creditor direct intervention.

Many people are concerned with credit repair and its' legality. It is in fact legal the Fair Credit Reporting Act that Congress passed gives the consumer the right to dispute any item on their report that they feel is inaccurate.

We recommend saving all your communications. In addition the bureaus have started allowing people to dispute items online, we have found this to be an ineffective method.

Be aware that the 100 word statement that you can place on your report is never a good thing to fill out. In the past this is where consumers could provide a brief explanation as to why an account became delinquent.

Today it is very rarely looked at by lenders and is more often used by the bureaus. They see this as an admission of guilt and will ignore any future letters you send to remove this item; your letters will be deemed frivolous.

In sum, you can remove derogatory marks from you report.

Source by John W Cooper

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