Useful Information About Credit Report Addresses

Credit reports usually carry such information as your personal details, credit accounts and the transactions, people who have been looking at your reports, all the lenders you have borrowed loans from and how you repaid them. Your addresses form part of your personal details. Finding something such as a transaction you do not know about is easier since you only look at the relevant section in your report.

The reports usually come with a number of addresses including your address and the addresses of your creditors. It is important to have all the addresses of the three credit reporting bureaus because you will definitely need them. You need to know how to contact them whenever you want to access your credit report or need to send a dispute letter to them. The telephone numbers come in handy when you want to call them to confirm something. In case you are an identity theft victim, the address on your report may be showing a different location probably given by the person who is using your credit cards hence verifying your address every time you get your report is one way to discover that.

Your own address must be correct at all times to avoid your reports being sent to another location. The best is to get a three in one credit report and check that the previous and current addresses showing on the reports are the same and correct. Credit report addresses also help you find the contacts of all the lenders you have dealt with and use to communicate to them in case of anything such as wrong entries on your report provided by them. It is important to check the details of the creditors to make sure they are the ones you borrowed loans from and that the details they provided are accurate.

You can browse online to get the addresses of the three credit reporting agencies if you have never dealt with them before to request for the reports. The address for reporting identity theft is also given and this is important when you realize your identity is being used by someone else.

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