Want a Cheap Credit Report? Get 1 Free Report Annually If You Know How

If you are looking for a cheap credit report to check up on your credit score and financial history, then do not pay any money until you read this as you can get 1 free annual report every year.

It is essential to check your annual credit reports as it is compiled from information provided by a number of agencies. The report contains your credit score and provides information about your financial status and consumer history.

This includes your history of credit, unpaid debts, credit length, number of enquiries made and also the types of credit that you have. With a big increase in personal identity theft and fraud, you should check your report for any errors and then get them corrected.

The Easiest Way to Get a Free Credit Report

By far the easiest way to get a free report is to use an on-line credit agency. The better agencies will allow you to request the three main credit reports from Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion with a simple on-line form submission. The on-line submission takes seconds and is completely free.

Once you have requested your reports, you will often have the ability to set-up monitoring to automatically get notified of changes to your credit history.

Cheap Credit Report Monitoring

An on-line credit agency will normally give you options to subscribe to a service to receive an alert as soon as something major changes in your credit history, or if you have a significant shift in your debts.

This service is normally provided by a monthly free and is by far the best way to keep on top of your credit and financial information.

The good news about a credit monitoring is that you can keep on top of your score and improve your credit rating every year. A good credit rating can give you access to cheaper loans and financial deals that are not open to those with bad credit.

If you didn't score well this year, you have a chance to improve on it next year. But you must first find out what is your credit score and see what brought it down.

If there were unpaid debts, these need to be settled. Should there be any mistakes, do not just accept it but report it so this can be looked into and corrected. With the ability to monitor and manage your spending it is the only way anyone will be able to sustain and improve a good credit score.

If you want your free report today, I strongly recommend you use a well established and trusted on-line credit agent that offers your free annual report and cheap credit report monitoring (if you require it).

Source by Nicola Teel

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