What Constitutes a Good Credit Rating?

Credit ratings can be a very frustrating thing. Unless you take the trouble to actually ask the major credit reporting agencies for a copy of their report on your credit rating, you may well not know, until you actually apply for a product where the company checks, how good it actually is. Even then you are not always sure that they have got it right and you may need to get a copy of the report to see if they have made any mistakes that need correcting. But there are ways that you can make it better so that you are more likely to get the products that you want for the best prices. For instance loans can be a great deal cheaper if you have a good credit rating, as the company is happier to lend you money. But you need to know what constitutes a good credit rating, so that you can see if you need to improve it.

What constitutes a good credit rating can also depend on what state you are from. In some poorer states a much lower credit rating might be considered acceptable by some lenders, because it is good by compared to many of the other people that live in that state. While if you live in a rich state such as California, you may be expected to have a good credit rating and so you would need a higher rating for this to be thought to be good.

Also what constitutes a good credit rating can depend on the state of the economic climate when you are applying and so may not be the same in a good year, when many more people have a high credit rating, as it would be if the economic climate is not so good and there are not so many with a higher rating.

But although what constitutes a good credit rating can vary, the difference is not usually that great and you can generally work out whether you rating is good or not. Credit ratings vary from about 370 to between 8-900. Probably the average is around 700, but a credit score that is above 600 is usually thought to be reasonable. You can usually improve your credit score by making sure that all of your payments are made at the right time for the right amount and that you do not apply for too many things at the same time. Anything over 700 is usually thought to be a good credit score and should make you seem like a good customer to the financial product companies.

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