What Credit Score Rankings Mean and How They Affect You

In the United States, at least, a credit score ranking is a statistical analysis of your creditworthiness to others like banks, credit card companies, and loan companies.

Not all of the same agencies use a score from the 3 major credit reporting agencies: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. The ones that do not, lets say your local loan company, may use a FICO score.

Most banks, and mortgage companies use FICO, which is different than the score that you may have from the 3 credit reporting agencies.

Incidentally, a free credit report is available to you, by law, at least once per year from the credit reporting agencies. Or, if you want to, you may be able to get one on line but, bear in mind, you may have to sign up for a service, which is not free.

Credit score rankings are how you are evaluated as a borrower, and the loan company, or the bank, or that credit card company takes this score, and decides how much of a risk, or aa good borrower you are.

I myself have gotten several small loans in the past, with my husband, and though our credit may not be a good as we would like, it is good enough to borrow a small amount of money, since we always pay it back in full, long before the time runs out to have it all paid, which means that we end up paying back a whole lot less, in a short amount of time. They always call, or send a letter not too long after it is all paid, wanting us back as customers again, to borrow more money.

Borrowing a small amount with a small amount of collateral, means that you help build up your credit, and, as long as you pay on time, or early, each month, you can accomplish your goals even sooner or having lower bills, no debt , and money left over.

Of course paying on time, and other things will effect your score, as will any judgements, bankruptcies, or foreclosures. So, avoiding getting any more bad credit will help bring your credit score ranking back up over time.

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