What Factors Affect My Credit Report Rating?

A credit report is a statement of your credit activities. It is an inventory outlining your borrowing, repayment activities and charging. It also shows convictions taken against you as a result of failure to pay your bills on time. Credit rating is derived from credit history, which contains information on how often you make your payments, the loans, or credit accounts and balances. A good credit report rating helps you achieve your financial goals; a bad rating restricts your financial opportunities. Since your credit history affects your financial purchases, it is extremely important to safeguard your credit score by paying bills and loans on time and in full, and by not taking on more obligations than you can manage.

There are number of factors that can affect your credit score negatively: missed or late payments, liens or foreclosures, too many needs for new lines of credit, periods of unemployment, overspending of money and bankruptcy. In addition to the above mentioned factors, there are other factors that can also pose a threat to your financial status. Your payment history is particularly important to lenders as the use this to determine your eligibility. Failure to settle bills on time can negatively affect your credit score. If you have standing debts, chances of securing a loan are also minimal. There is no financial institution that will trust an individual with maxed out credit cards. Try to maintain your credit balances as low as possible if you want your rating to improve.

Commitment and trust are key factor in determining whether one qualifies for a loan or not. An individual with a long credit history stands a better chance of obtaining financial services that those with short histories. The number of credit inquiries you have made can influence you rating negatively, a higher number of inquiries may point out that your financial situation is not good or you a have many debts. It is imperative you obtain regular credit statements to know where your credit score lies. One can also access free information on how to manage their finances and improve his / her score.

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