What is Checked in a Background Check by Companies?

There are many people out there who are not aware of what is checked in a background check. Background checks involve a complete scanning of your profile to validate the details provided by you to your employers, landlord or employees too. Complete background checks are undertaken for military personnel as well as top executive positions. These searches can be done either by buying a plan or free of cost.

Pre-employment screening and background check companies normally offer services for tenant, insurance and volunteer checks also. They check the name, address, criminal records, driving records based on the social security number of the person. It is important to know that if this SSN is wrongly entered, it can lead to different person's records, so we have to be careful. These services can start from as low as $ 15 and can cost more if you require in-depth reports.

What other details are not public?

Medical and school records are one area that cannot be touched by such background check companies unless you allow them to. Your consent is needed even if your employer or insurance company or landlord has to run a personal background check on you. The public records database has details about bankruptcy, criminal offences and civil records. Court records can also be accessed by such privately run online background check companies.

Do you know that you have a right to be protected from what is checked in a background check?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) has certain limitations for background check companies wherein only authorized companies can view your credit files. This way you can rest assured that the world will not know how much you received in the last paycheck! When you choose free reports, they will end up giving you the data from public records only. So spend some money and make the most of the paid background check report.

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