What Should I Do If the Credit Bureau Determines That Negative Information is Accurate?

Sending a credit dispute letter to a credit bureau is not a guarantee that the negative item that you are disputing is going to be removed from your credit report. If the credit bureau can verify that the negative item is in fact correct within thirty days you will need to use a different strategy to make sure the negative account is deleted.

However, a lot of people do not know about this strategy. Instead of disputing the claim with the credit bureau as before you will now have to dispute the claim with the original creditor or information furnisher. You must first write a letter to the credit furnisher of the negative account telling them to investigate the accuracy of the account. You should also let them know that you wrote to your credit bureau but they reported that the information given to them was accurate.

Firmly let them know that the account is fraudulent. Also let them know that the account is not to be recorded in your credit report and that you want them to do a through investigation of the validity of the account. It is a very good idea to exercise your credit and / or financial rights. Let them know that you are allowed to and will make a request for an investigation as it is your right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

In order to expedite the process and avoid any complications it is recommended that tell the information furnisher to inform the credit bureau of the negative account deletion if they cannot verify it's validity after the investigation. Also let the information furnisher (s) know that if they do not do their job accordingly you can and will take legal action.

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