What Should I Write in the Challenge Letter to the Credit Bureaus?

The content of your dispute letter to the bureaus is very important. What you write and how you write it will be a big factor in how fast you will get a response to your letter. Many people do not know this and that is exactly what I have explained here.

When you write your letter to the bureaus, if you find any negative entries while reviewing your reports that are not yours, let them know the negative account they recorded in your report is not yours. A simple statement such as:

"I just received a copy of my Equifax report and when I read through it I discovered a late payment that is not mine. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, accounts that are not mine should not be recorded on my file. believe that this is a mistake and want you to begin an investigation immediately on it.

During your investigation, you will discover that the late payment account is not mine. Please reply me immediately at my current address after you have concluded your investigation so that I can know the outcome. In addition to this, I want you to send me an updated copy of my file upon the changes you make to it. You have just 30 days to conduct your investigation from the day you receive this letter. "

Trust me, when you write your letter in a similar fashion as I have shown you here, the credit agencies will swing into action on your report. Some of the time, however, they cannot conduct the investigation within the 30 days and as a result, the FCRA makes it compulsory for them to delete the account from your report.

To guarantee that your dispute letter reaches their desk, I advise you to send it by registered mail so that you can track it till it gets to them and also have a certificate to prove it.

Source by Tony Banks

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