What's the Highest Credit Score Possible, and How Can I Get One?

When you order your credit report and get a glance at your credit score, you must keep in mind the highest credit score possible is 850. Knowing this helps you to understand exactly where you stand as far as good credit goes.

Why should you want to get the highest credit score possible? If you want to appeal to one or more lenders or creditors, you will get more of their money if you have a high credit score. Bottom line – the better your credit score – the more money you save.

Over and over again, lenders base their decision on whether or not to extend credit to you. Bear with me as I give you some helpful hint and tips that will get you closer to the highest credit score possible – the coveted 850.

Before you can put your best foot forward, you will need to begin with credit report errors.

To cut my long story short – here's a list of the steps you have to take to start the ball rolling:

1. Order or request your credit report. (You are entitled to one FREE credit report per year.)

2. Review your credit report.

3. Take notice of any errors in your credit report and put together any evidence you may have that proves your position.

4. Send a letter to the credit-reporting agency disputing the error.

5. Begin a log of correspondence.

6. Give it 30 days.

7. If nothing happens or you get no response – send a second letter requesting an investigation.

8. Give it 30 more days or 45 days if you provide additional information).

9. If you still get no response – contact the FTC (Federal Trade Commission)

10. One the error has been corrected – request a new copy of your credit report.

As you might have noticed, it could take more than 60 days for the item to be cleared.

Needless to say, patience is a virtue when you are working to get the highest credit score possible.

Like it or not, it won't happen over night. You will need to be persistent in order to get the results you want. Instead of wishful thinking, you will have to take responsibility for removing any item on your credit report that doesn't belong.

Getting the highest credit score possible is no pipe dream. It can happen for you if you are willing to work for it.

Source by Abdul R. Aziz

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