Where Can I Work As a CNA?

If you decide to pursue a career as a CNA (certified nursing assistant), you’ll be working in a wide range of places, and you’ll also have a broad range of responsibilities. Most people who are first considering becoming a CNA wonder two main things: where will I work and what kinds of things will I be doing. This article will mainly address the idea of where you’ll be working.

As a CNA, you’ll be caring for patients in a variety of settings, and some of these settings will vary quite a bit. You may also find that you like working in one setting more than another, and that’s OK too. Generally speaking, CNAs provide care in a wide range of places, and some of these places include nursing homes, hospitals, private homes, and anywhere else that there are people who need help.

A large portion of CNAs are employed by nursing homes because there are a lot of elderly and disabled people there who need help with their daily activities, but don’t actually need the care of an RN. This is more cost effective for nursing homes to have CNAs do a lot of the care duties rather than RNs, and this savings can be passed onto the patients and health insurance companies. It would be somewhat overdoing it if you were to have an RN or a doctor doing some of the basic care duties that a CNA can perform. Certified nursing assistants also work in assisted living facilities, where residents don’t need care all of the time, but they do need someone around to help out or do need some care on a daily or regular basis.

CNAs can also assist in other settings such as private homes. If a person needs someone to be a care attendant but doesn’t need an actual nurse all the time, then a CNA is actually a great fit. This way, a patient can have someone who is trained to help them, but it’s more cost effective than actually hiring a nurse.

The main point to take away from this article is that CNAs are very versatile, and also cost effective and can work in a number of places. This is great because if you’re considering becoming a CNA, you know that there are a lot of options for you in terms of places that you can work. This means that you’ll likely have an easier time finding a job than if your career choice had few options in terms of places that you can work.

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