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Where's my Water is the latest iPhone game from Disney mobile and the second iPhone game released by them based upon trying to manipulate liquid. You play as 'Swampy the Alligator' who would love for nothing more to take a bath. Unfortunately all the other resident alligators in the sewer are stealing Swampy's water and its your job to divert it back! The goal is to guide the water to Swampy's bathtub, by digging tunnels with your finger through the dirt, to guide the water's flow. Along the way you can guide the water to collect 3 small rubber duckies to unlock extra levels and bonuses. The goal is to fill the bathtub to a predetermined amount to move to the next level. Your score is based upon how fast you filled the tub, if you had any overflow (which is good), how many of the duckies you managed to round up and if you unlocked any bonuses. With updates promised and rave reviews so far, I expect Where's my Water to stay a Top iPhone and iPad game for a long time.


Over 80 challenging puzzles to unlock with new chapters in free updates!

It's your job to fix Swampy's pipes and get the water flowing again so he can take his bath! Four different chapters with twenty levels a piece ensure that this is an iPhone game you'll get hours of enjoyment from. Plus new chapters are being released in the form of free updates with several more on the way. The fun is just beginning!

Meet "Swampy the Alligator!"

The game brings a rich story line along with the game itself. Watch the story unfold as you help poor ole 'Swampy who only wants to take a bath with his beloved rubber ducky. You'll grow attached to Swampy as he's brought to life with all the liveliness and detail that you'd expect in a iPhone game from Disney Studios.

• Water physics are fluid and lifelike!

With Where's My Water you can really go with the flow! Amazing fluid lifelike details allow you to "splish and splash" your way through obstacles all controlled effortlessly with your finger. Controls feel natural and steady.

Creative obstacles and puzzles!

Along the way you'll come across algae that grows when it comes in contact with water. You'll also come across corrosive acid that can eat the algae and YOUR PIPES! Use all the resources available in the puzzle to unlock special features, levels, skills and more!

Pros and Cons


~ Physics and controls behave as expected: The movement of the water is well, pretty fluid. The liquid behaves the way you'd expect it to in the game which really hastens up the learning curve. The game follows your touch very precisely allowing easy manipulation of the environment.

~ Interesting story line – Follow "Swampy" as he battles thieving alligators, monstrous algae, corrosive acid and a variety of other obstacles. Colorful animations and a cast of characters makes you want to finish the next level to see what happens next.

~ Great value – I've played the game for well over twenty hours now and I only paid $ 0.99. Excellent value for the cost.


~ Blobby water – Sometimes the water looks quite "blobby" if you manage to isolate some water from the main flow.

~ Scroll bar can be difficult to master – If the level is larger than the screen (which it often is) a scroll bar looks to scroll from top to bottom. I've found that at times (especially during the hectic moments in the game) It would be a lot easier if I could scroll with my finger or tilt the phone instead of having to use the scroll bar.

With over 1,000,000 downloads in the first week of its release and that number increasing ever faster every day, Where's my Water is quickly becoming the most popular puzzle game out this year. If you've got a buck and enjoy puzzle games, I highly recommend you check this one out.

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