Which Credit Card Reward Program Is Right For You?

Whatever type of credit card you're shopping for, student credit card, business card, airline card, most all have a credit card reward program. To attract your credit card dollar the financial institutions spend millions of dollars advertising these incentives with direct mailings and media advertising. It doesn't matter what your lifestyle, there's a credit card that has a reward program that fits your needs.

One thing that lures many people into applying for a card are the bonus points offered that are activated when you use the card the first time. They then put the card away and never use it again. This can be a good strategy if you have a high credit score. Please be aware, that if you follow this type of plan, applying for a number of credit cards at once, can have an adverse effect on your credit history. The credit limits allowed by each credit card account you have open also effects your credit score.

So if you're in the market for a new credit card, it's best that you pick one card that would be the most benefit to your needs. Don't fall into the trap of having five to eight credit card accounts opened all at once. Besides having these inquiries effect your credit score, you just may be tempted to use each or all of these cards at the same time, which can lead to financial disaster.

Not all credit card reward programs that suit your needs would be found under the credit card category of rewards. It depends on the type of benefit you want from your card. Look into the category of card you're looking for, then review and compare the rewards offered by each issue.

Airline cards offer an accumulation of frequent flyer miles, car rental discounts, hotel discounts, and rewards points for using your card at specific restaurants. Business cards offer a variety of incentives from cash back, gift cards, savings on certain phone carriers, discounts on business purchases at partner retail outlets, airline miles and car rentals.

The cash rebate card offers cash back when your card is used at specific retail outlets and a lessor cash accumulation for purchases made at other retailers. Even the category of Low Interest credit cards offer a number of rewards from 1% for regular purchases to 5% at specific partner outlets. They even offer a way to double your redemption points when used as gift cards at specific retailers.

If it's savings on gasoline you're looking for, there are a number of gas cards that offer discounts at the pump for using their card. These offers are for specific brands of gas. But if these brands are not offered or convenient in your area, there are additional credit card reward programs that offer gasoline purchases in their eligible cash back program.

What it comes down to is, pick the category of card you're looking for, then take into consideration the credit card reward program offered. Only apply for one card at a time. But be forewarned, that should you not meet the terms and conditions of the credit card offer (also known as the fine print) and fall behind in your payment, your reward points will be withdrawn.

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