Why Did I Get Charged For My Free Credit Report?

So you seen a link for a free credit report and you decide to give them your credit card number thinking it's going to be free. Low and behold, 30 days later you receive a charge on your credit card for your free credit report, what's going on here?

Well, to start, the credit report that you are getting is just that, a credit report. It does not include any kind of credit score within that. As far as being charged, the reasoning behind this is simple and it's a business strategy that's being performed by the company providing the report.

Every US citizen is allotted one free credit report per year which can be obtained online. The strategy they are implementing is after giving you the free report, if you forget to cancel your membership with them they can continue to charge you for a new report each and every month.

Nearly 5/10 people, or 50% will forget to cancel their membership and the company can continue to send you a monthly report. So if you want your free one, just remember to cancel your account with them so they don't continue to charge you!

Obtaining this free report is crucial however and shouldn't be passed up as nearly half of all of them will have some sort of error within them. This can highly affect your buying power, especially in today's failing economy.

Now that you know how to REALLY get the free version, you should be well equipped to monitor your credit profile with ease.

Source by Marc Sumner

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